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6 GPU Mining Rigs

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*You will receive a fully-built mining rig containing 6 GPUs of your choice. The rig can hold up to 12 GPUs so you can expand with more in the future as you please. The rig is contained in a server-level frame that is stackable and can be configured to be a mass GPU mining farm.*

Please inquire for more details regarding the rigs or your order.

Up to 1200+MH hashrate,
for details please inquire!

All rigs are custom-built by POWTechnologies and are Ready-To-Mine. If you have any trouble setting up your rig or need help, please send an email to support [!at] powtechnologies.com for further assistance.

Specifications & Features:

Diversify your Portfolio: This much power in GPU form allows you to tackle a wide range of scripts and mine a wide range of coins, including:
Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Zcash, Vertcoin, Feathercoin, Ravencoin, Monacoin, Siacoin, Pascalcoin, Hush, Library Credits, Dubaicoin, Ubiq, Expanse, Chaincoin, Digibyte, Musicoin, Signatum, Zclassic, Zencoin, and many more!

Endurance & Reliability: All rigs are designed with care and built to last with durable parts and high-end components from the best and most reliable brands including: Noctua, NVIDIA, and similar.
Core components will ALWAYS come from NVIDIA.
All GPU's on this specific product offering are NVIDIA RTX.
YOU can register all of your components with their manufacturers, allowing you to take advantage of warranties on GPUs. All components will be brand new and shipped to you with all relevant pieces / extras - ensuring your peace of mind.

Our mining rigs are custom built by hand with everything meticulously laid the proper way. Powered by server-level power supplies to ensure your rig has the right power to support the high amount of hashrate it can deliver.

Aesthetics: Beautiful hand-laid cable management give your rig a distinctive, professional, and clean look.

High quality fans from Noctua are used to create even more airflow and cool the 8 monstrously powerful GPUs.

In the Rig & Box:
Intel G3900 CPU, 2.8Ghz Dual Core
3600W(3x1200W) 94% EFF Power supply
HARDWARE WATCHDOG & SMART FAN CONTROLLER (automatic fan speed control, automatic system reboot, status LED’s, OLED display with system info)
DUAL BOSCH ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS (Air pressure, temperature and humidity readings on both inlet and exhaust air)
All associated extra components / manuals / parts

Size & Weight:
35.43" x 15.75" x 7.01" (length x width x height) 90x40x17.8CM
(Fits easily on a standard desk or even a small table)
Approximately: 75lbs (packing weighs more sometimes)

For NVIDIA RTX series rigs, Founders Edition cards will be used whenever possible - with EVGA as the first substitute. These are top-tier brands.


POWTechnologies may modify or slightly improve small aspects of this rig and its components in the future, but the core points above will remain more or less constant unless large hardware changes occur.

Please remember that the mining process is not “free money” without a little effort, research, and a healthy dose of patience. You are looking at a precision tool made for an elegant new world of online currencies. A lot can change in an instant here, but the components involved are solid and the underlying principles are all quite solid. Buying rigs or communicating with me is not a legal contract or guarantee for profits in any way. Judge the numbers for yourself before purchasing. Please inquire for estimates as the markets change often!